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Effects of improper waste disposal on human health

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Improper waste disposal affects Human health

The effects of improper waste disposal could have devastating consequences on human health according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Inadequately disposed rubbish could trigger off mortality, cancer, and even reproductive health issues. These negative impacts could be due to the mismanagement of waste activities in our cities and suburban areas.

There are large proportions of waste being dumped illegally across the United Kingdom, which continues to pose a threat to not only our health but the environment too. When soil, water and air pollution become contaminated with hazardous chemicals, as a direct result of improper waste disposal and poorly managed landfills, our beautiful wildlife, marine life and health are all at risk.

The British Medical Bulletin described that the issue is widespread. Data was collected from residents who lived near a dumpsite. The results showed that improper waste management affected both nearby and faraway residents with related diseases such as chest pains, diarrhoea and cholera.

There is no denying the campaign for a greener and cleaner Britain is imminent. But we could all agree that there is still a huge mountain to climb. Although waste is regulated in most developed countries and includes the collection, transportation and the disposal of waste, some practices of waste disposal, however, is by far illegal. For example, people using unorthodox waste disposal companies often result in fly-tipping which has widespread consequences for the environment and the public. A new analysis by the Local Government Association revealed that Fly -tipping also costs the tax-payer and landowner roughly about £56 million per year for investigation and clean-up costs, a rise of 13% since the previous year.

Improper waste disposal

What's more, some people dump hazardous waste when fly-tipping because they are simply unaware of the effects of its waste materials. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences argued that an estimated 40+ tonnes of Electric -Waste (E-Waste) are produced each year, and when this E-Waste has been dumped illegally, the exposure from its mixture of chemicals from a manifold of sources harm surrounding wildlife and human health, especially children who play and live near these fly-tipping-sites.

Tackling Fly-Tipping is vital for all communities. The Government has introduced a breadth of measures aimed at tackling fly-tipping, including the Clean Neighborhoods and Environment Act 2005 (CNEA) which gives councils and courts more control to tackle fly-tipping. On the other hand, with such measures in place, tackling fly-tipping is still on the increase, despite local councils and genuine rubbish removal companies offering comprehensive rubbish collections and disposals.


This article is to raise awareness of the problems we are facing with illegal dumping and its health hazards.

Local communities, councils and even local rubbish removal services should offer more education on better waste management. Waste management can and would be controlled if people just took responsibility for their rubbish.

Here at Speedy Clearances, we can help you achieve this. We care about the environment, and we’re dedicated to pursuing environmental operations with every waste collection service we carryout. Protecting the environment by disposing of the waste we collect from you helps us to achieve this goal. We take pride in helping you manage your unwanted rubbish, and we are partnered with top-class recycling and disposable agencies.

We believe that we’re your answer to better waste management, and if we can collect it, we will recycle and dispose of it for you safely!

Remember don’t be part of the problem! if you need your bulky household waste removed, please get in touch by calling 0208 506 0026 or use our contact page here

Together we can eventually eradicate the problems we are facing as a society.

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