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Shocking News: London is ranked the worst city to recycle their household junk!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

London has been ranked the worst city to recycle their household junk. A report named, “Wasting London’s Future, published by the London Assembly Environmental Committee revealed that they had urged Sadiq Khan to set targets to reduce this problem.

Leonie Cooper, Chair of the Environment Committee reported that “London’s recycling rate is low and has stagnated over the last five years. We can and must do better.”

With this shocking revelation, we must make a stand. London has a serious waste problem which could become a severe problem to the environment.

With this critical report Sadiq Khan, however, pledged that he would put measures in place to reduce London’s waste by 2030, see the full report here.

The Londonist emphasized that London is rubbish at recycling. They named and shamed some of the worst offending boroughs to recycle in London: Newham, Westminster, Lewisham, Barking and Dagenham.

The BBC reported that Fly Tipping is Getting Worse across Britain and more and more people are being fined up to £400 by their local council. One must question as a London resident what could be done to help eliminate the above problems and contribute to making a change? The answer is simple. Call in a professional rubbish removal expert to remove all your unwanted bulky junk material so it can be recycled and disposed of correctly.

Using a reputable rubbish removal company, however, is a must! There are rules and procedures to carrying your waste material, and everyone that wants to get rid of their waste or carry it must comply with “The Environmental Protection Act 1990” (including the Duty of Care Regulations) to control the polluting emissions into the environment. Speedy Clearances only know too well the importance of this. They hold an accredited waste disposal licence from the environmental agency (CBDU125212.)

Speedy clearances is a quality, 30 years, family run, rubbish removal service in the heart of the east of London, who offers a comprehensive solution to remove all your domestic and commercial junk. They remove anything from a single item to a part or full house clearance. They have super strong values of recycling your rubbish at an affordable price. Their rubbish removal Coverage areas are across most of London boroughs, and they are cheaper than hiring a skip.

When it comes to clearing your junk or rubbish, it is normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed. You may not know the rules in how to dispose your rubbish correctly, or you simply may not have the time to dispose of your household junk or business waste yourself. The benefits of using a rubbish removal service can be very cost-effective.

Please Wake up Londoners. We have a real problem with recycling and disposing rubbish!

If you have bulky household or business waste material that you need to get rid of, please call Speedy Clearances. Their phone number is: 0208 506 0026 or 07553 445 852 or email them at

Oh one last thing, please share and like this page to help spread this important message. If more and more people use rubbish removal services, like speedy clearances, they could help to eliminate the problems we are facing today!!!!

Thank you

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12 ene 2023

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Hollie Ramsey
Hollie Ramsey
04 abr 2018

Excellent Blog Post and well documented.

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