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The Government Pledges a Crack-Down on Households who use companies who dump their rubbish illegally

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

The Government Pledges a Crack-Down on Households who use companies who dump their rubbish illegally. Waste Crime is on the increase according to the government. £400 on-the-spot fines could be imposed on any household who use cowboy waste clearance companies that illegally dump their rubbish on the streets and roadsides of Britain.

This crackdown according to leading sources applies to anyone who hasn’t taken important measures to safeguard that the waste company they have hired are trustworthy to carry their waste responsibly.

Cited in the Guardian Thérèse Coffey, stated that: “Waste crime and fly-tipping blight our communities and spoil our countryside and we need determined action to tackle it. [People] must take responsibility for our waste to make sure it does not end up in the hands of criminals who will wilfully dump it.”

The mail online reported that the Conservative MP Julia Lopez added 'well-intended changes have made waste disposal so expensive that people are cutting corners'.

These imposed fines are measures to clear up Britain's streets. The Government are working with local councils on how these on-the-spot fines are going to be enforced on households who don’t take reasonable measures.

Adding to this complexity, Lopex argued that fly-tipping was carried out by organised gangs and she urged for the police to step-up and take action against such crimes.

Organised gangs are undercutting genuine rubbish removal companies who remove and dispose of waste correctly. Waste crime has serious repercussions, including costing the economy millions in lost landfill tax, clean up costs, problems with rat infestations, odor and increased pollution.

According to Des King, the owner of Speedy Clearances, people in Britain are unaware of the consequences of Fly-tipping and the importance of using a reputable rubbish removal service who hold an accredited environmental waste licence to carry and recycle their household waste effectively. They do not realise that they are still responsible for their waste, despite paying for a service that they believe to be genuine. He added that better education needs to implemented surrounding this important issue.

Householders could, however, check online reviews, check waste transfer notes, ask friends and family who have previously used a rubbish removal company, and avoid using cheap companies who claim that they can remove your waste at a very low cost. Check out speedy clearances article on How to Hire the best house clearance service in London. which is packed with some great advice on what to ask yourself when hiring a reputable company.

The take-home message here is that you must take responsibility for your actions. You must ensure that your rubbish does not end up in the wrong hands. There are measures that you can do to ensure that this doesn’t happen, as stated above. Even if you don’t use Speedy clearances, to remove your waste, please ensure you do your homework first and always ask any claiming rubbish removal company to provide you with their waste licence before they remove your rubbish and upon clearing, ask for a waste transfer note for a form of receipt.

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