What are the benefits of using a London rubbish removal company?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Benefits of using a London rubbish removal company
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What are the benefits of using a London rubbish removal company?

We could all agree that London is a fantastic place to live; home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world with top-class street feast markets to Michelin starred restaurants, and let’s not forget its beautiful history. It’s a city of vibrant communities which build dreams and fortunes, however, in recent years, our wonderful city has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. London’s cleanliness has fallen below par compared to other major cities in the world. Instead of letting your waste pile up inside or outside your property it is important, as a London resident, to use a reputable rubbish removal service to help you maintain and dispose of your bulky domestic or commercial waste correctly. The benefits of using a London rubbish removal service, like Speedy Clearances, could save you a whole load of time and money. Here’s why:

Cost Effective: Hiring a skip could cost you an arm and a leg. Not to mention the headache of acquiring a skip licence which you would need to have in order to comply with the environmental and safety regulations, especially if it's not on your property. Also the effort of filling the damn thing up yourself and then waiting for the skip hiring company to pick it up :( Furthermore, a full domestic clearance will not fit into the average size skip, the cost then start to build and build and before you know it, you're left with a pricey bill. The benefit of using a rubbish removal company, like speedy clearances, is that the rubbish we collect and dispose of is gone and out of your life within a couple of hours (depending on the size of your rubbish) Not only that, we only charge you for the rubbish we remove from your property. No hidden charges whatsoever, no congestion fee and no landfill fee, just the rubbish you want disposed of safely and responsibly. Just give us a call, and we will give you a free quote based on your junk items. It’s as simple as that!

Fast and Reliable Rubbish Removal: I can't stress enough how fast we can come and collect and dispose of your items. This is another perk for using our rubbish removal company. Even in a busy city, like London, you would usually expect delays, and yes, you’ll probably be correct in thinking that but if we say we are going to be there at a given time, then nine times out of ten, we are.

Appropriate Rubbish Disposal: We cannot shy away from the fact that London can be a lot cleaner which is why people need to take responsibilities for their waste management. If you look around you will see quite often that on every street corner there is a waste epidemic, this is adding to our already high levels of pollution in our busy city. The government are however trying to take measures for a cleaner London and to be frank here at speedy clearances, we only know too well that managing your bulky waste can be difficult, Especially due to the demands of life😊 but that’s okay, we are your answer to better waste management. We can remove anything from a single-item disposal to a part or full London house clearance, in fact there is no job too big or small.

Great Service: Our reputable rubbish removal service speaks volumes, we have 30 years’ experience. We are friendly, polite and respectful and there is nothing we don’t know about the waste world. You can count on us to remove your rubbish safely and dispose of it correctly.

It doesn’t matter if your property is commercial or domestic if you’re looking for a rubbish clearance service in the London area, our professional waste removal company will not disappoint. We are your answer to better waste management, not only will we leave your property clean and refreshing, but you will also become clutter-free!

Need your rubbish removed and disposed of quickly? Call us today on 0208 506 0026

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Speedy Clearances offer government licensed junk collection services from your home and office. We are an Eco-friendly rubbish removal company, so you can be self-assured that your rubbish and junk is in safe hands with us!

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